Course contents

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    • Contract Drafting & Bear Spray
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    Verification & Accreditation
    • Course Verification
    • State Accreditation

CLE Credit

This course is approved for 1.0 CLE credits in Washington. The following states have CLE reciprocity with WA: AK, AZ, AR, CO, FL, ME, MT, NJ, ND, and WV. If you'd like credit in another jurisdiction, let us know, and we can likely accommodate your request.

Course topics

  • The problem with performing before signing an agreement

  • Drafting complete an unambiguous performance obligations

  • Common problems with remedies clauses and how to resolve these problems

  • Using cognitive dissonance as a negotiating strategy

  • Contract management—tracking changes and storing executed copies

  • Approaches to dispute resolution clauses and tactics for making use of these clauses

Paul Swegle

Weekday Habitat

Paul’s zest for adventure means that his weekday habit is less predictable than most. Whether he’s standing on top of a mountain, flying down the highway on his motorcycle, or banging away on his drum set, Paul is likely to be laughing and discussing one of his prior contract negotiations or the latest hike he embarked on.

For fun

Outside of his legal career, Paul enjoys hiking and climbing mountains, riding his Harley Davidson, writing books, drumming in his band, and travelling the country teaching attorneys and entrepreneurs the lessons he’s learned throughout his career.

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Relevant Experience

Paul is an author and attorney who has spent most of his career working closely with business colleagues in companies across a variety of industries to negotiate and document commercial arrangements. Paul has served as in-house general counsel to 12 different companies, worked previously in the SEC’s Enforcement Division and Division of Corporate Finance, and served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney.