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CLE Credit

This course is approved for 0.75 CLE credits in Washington. The following states have CLE reciprocity with WA: AK, AZ, AR, CO, FL, ME, MT, NJ, ND, and WV. If you'd like credit in another jurisdiction, let us know, and we can likely accommodate your request.

Course topics

  • The difference between initial coin offerings and conventional methods of startup financing

  • The statement from SEC's director of Division of Corporate financing saying Bitcoin and Ether are not securities

  • SEC v Howey

  • How a token's utility can be a factor that weighs against that token being deemed to be a security

  • How network decentralization can be a factor that weighs against a token being deemed to be a security

  • The importance of investors' intent when determining whether something is a security

  • How there is still a significant gray area where it is not clear whether a token is going to be treated as a security

Kyle Hulten

Weekday Habitat

During most week days, you’ll find Kyle at the offices of InVigor Law Group, a Seattle business law firm that Kyle founded with a couple of his law school classmates in 2011.

For fun

When Kyle’s not in the office, he likes to hang out with his wife and his one-year-old son. He enjoys cooking (and eating), gardening, watching Arsenal, reading novels, and listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

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Relevant Experience

Kyle’s a member of the Securities Committee of the WSBA Business Law Section. Via the Securities Committee he’s co-drafted letters to the Washington Department of Financial Institutions that proposed updates to the Washington State Crowdfunding laws, and to the presale notice filing requirement in Washington’s Small Offering Exemption.