Interesting, accessible, enjoyable CLE.

Too often continuing legal education is a hoop you have to jump through instead of an opportunity to learn something interesting, hone your craft, improve your bottom line, or make practicing law a little more enjoyable.

We designed FieldGuide to make continuing legal education more interesting, accessible, and enjoyable. We hope using FieldGuide will help you get better at what you do, help you be more productive, and help you enjoy the practice of law a little more.

There are two ways you can check out FieldGuide courses: The FieldWork Podcast and FieldGuide's multimedia courses.

The FieldWork Podcast

FieldGuide’s on-the-go FieldWork podcast courses allow you to attend courses and get CLE credits simply, even during your morning run or commute. The FieldWork Podcast features interview style audio-only episodes where we'll ask lawyers how they do what they do. You’ll hear interesting conversations and get practical tips you can use to be a better lawyer. And we think you’ll enjoy yourself in the process (laughing out loud is encouraged while “attending” our courses)!
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The FieldWork Podcast

FieldGuide makes it easy for you

  • Free to Listen

    We offer our FieldWork podcast interviews for free. You can find them on our course pages and on all major podcast platforms.

  • Subscribe for Credit

    Our simple subscription plans allow you access to all FieldGuide courses for a small monthly fee. Sign up today for a free trial and lock in our limited-time rate of $5.99/month after your free trial!

  • On-the-Go

    Our podcast courses are perfect for attorneys on-the-go who want to get CLE credit while being entertained with candid conversations about interesting topics.

The FieldGuide Multimedia Courses

Coming soon

We're designing the multimedia courses to maximize learning based on the latest empirical studies examining how humans best learn. We're integrating the latest proven methods to help accelerate your learning. With our multimedia courses, our goal is to help you quickly move to actual mastery in the field. **The FieldGuide multimedia courses are in development. We will be announcing soon when the beta version of our multimedia courses are available.**
The FieldGuide Multimedia Courses

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